Bizarre Anti-Mask Claims At School Board Meeting Stun Don Lemon Into Silence

Meetings of school boards have been chaotic over mandates for masks and other measures to stop the spread coronavirus pandemic.
CNN's Don Lemon noted Tuesday that the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that cases among children have increased fivefold in the past month due to the rise of the delta variant. Last week, more than 200 000 children were tested positive for COVID-19.

Right-wing trolls have infiltrated school board meetings to stop mitigation efforts. One of them was located in Lee County, Florida. This led to physical brawls outside, and such head-spinning claims within that Lemon was silent for only four seconds before speaking up:

Take This: Fists fly and tempers flare over a Florida school mask mandate. The shocking video was captured by @donlemon from both inside and outside of the school board meeting. Watch: Don Lemon Tonight (@DonLemonTonight) September 1, 2021

This article was originally published on HuffPost. It has since been updated.