Botify raises $55 million to optimize search engine indexing – TechCrunch

Botify raised $55 million in Series C funding. InfraVia Growth led the round, with participation from Bpifrances Large Venture Fund. A search engine optimization platform (SEO) has been developed by the company to make sure your content appears more frequently in search results.
Ventech and Eurazeo, existing investors, are investing again in the startup. Nicolas Herschtel, InfraVia, and Antoine Izsak, Bpifrance, will be joining the board of directors. Since the previous round of funding, Valuation has more than tripled.

Botify is a white-hat SEO company. There are many good and bad practices within the industry. Botify adheres to the terms and conditions of search engines. They don't scrape search results for insight, and they don't create backlinks that aren't legitimate.

Adrien Menard, co-founder, CEO, told me that we are going to optimize each step of the search channel, starting with the website's quality and design.

The Botify product suite now includes three components. An analytics tool was first introduced by the startup. It gives insights into your website. It lets you see how a crawler analyses your website.

Botify Intelligence was then released by the company. This gives you a prioritized list of things that you can do to improve SEO strategies. The company is now working on automation through Botify Activation. Botify can answer queries made by Google's search engine bot directly.

We are not trying to fool Google's algorithm. Botify is the interface between search engines, client websites and search engines. Higher quality content will be accessible to search engines. Menard stated that it is likely to be cheaper than a normal process.

All three tools are not required by companies. Companies may begin with analytics, and then move on to the other tools. Menard stated that different products can be used depending on the company's size.

Google has increased the number and types of ads on search results over the years. Google also promotes its services such as YouTube, Google Maps and Maps before you see organic search results. Adrien Menard was hesitant to answer my question about whether this could impact Botify's future.

He said that he agreed with you about the fact that we were seeing more search results from paid or first-party results. However, organic search results are growing in traffic. It accounts for 30% of all traffic to the websites of our customers, and it is increasing.

He believes that search is growing in importance. You can expect a clear return on your investment in search when it comes online traffic and sales.

Botify currently has 500 customers such as Expedia and LOral, Groupon, Marriott.

The company plans to increase its automation capabilities, partner with more tech companies, and open new offices in Asia-Pacific.