Spotify Partners With Delta to Provide Free In-Flight Music and Podcasts Service

Spotify announced a partnership with Delta. The streaming service will take over the "audio” section of Delta's on-board entertainment system. This will allow all passengers to access select playlists or podcasts.
Now you can freely roam the cabin and access the podcasts and music that you love at 30,000ft. We're launching today in a partnership with Delta. Spotify will now take over the "audio” section of Delta's inflight entertainment. Passenger on Delta flights with global seatback entertainment can now listen to their favorite audio content on Delta Studio exclusively in flight.

The press release states that the Delta licenses the in-flight content and will include specially curated Spotify playlists as well as 42 selected podcast series.

This means that not all Spotify content is available but passengers can still listen to Spotify playlists like Mood Booster and Are & Be.

The podcasts will be available as soon as possible.

Spotify claims that the Delta in-flight entertainment update is now available. More content will be added regularly, and there will be more in October.