Samsung One UI 4.0 (Android 12): Release date, eligible phones, new features, and more

Samsung did a great job rolling out One UI 3.1 based on Android 11 updates to all of its phones. Now it's time for us to take a look at what Samsung has in the future. Samsung has already revealed that the next major version of its software will be called One UI 4.0. We don't need to wait long to see the new interface. The One UI 4.0 beta will be launched by the South Korean manufacturer sometime in September. Let's see what Samsung has to share with Android 12 and what phones will receive the update.
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Samsung will launch One UI 4.0 beta on September

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Samsung announced at the end July that One UI 4.0 beta would begin in the "coming weeks". In a forum post, Samsung announced that the update would begin in September on August 31. VPN Deals: A lifetime license costs $16, and monthly plans cost $1. We will start to see more activity in the coming weeks. While we do not know the markets where the beta program will be offered, it is likely that it will remain the same as previous years. This means that Korea and the U.S. will be first to see One UI 4.0. The United Kingdom, India and China, Germany, Poland, and Germany will follow. Samsung has always limited its One UI beta program only to these seven markets. We don't think so. Samsung typically delivers its One UI beta program to the latest flagships of its Galaxy S series devices, and this year is no exception. Before it reaches other devices, the One UI 4.0 beta for the Galaxy S21 series will be available to the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra. The beta will first be available for unlocked models of the Galaxy S21 series in Korea, then it will roll out to all other devices. Samsung confirmed that the One UI 4.0 beta will be available for Sprint and T-Mobile variants of the Galaxy S21 Series. You can enroll in the beta through the Samsung Members app if you have a S21 series device. Samsung has the best Android phones available today. The mid-range Samsung devices, including the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A52 5G, have been outstanding this year. It will be interesting to see if these devices are able to access the beta. Once we receive official confirmation from Samsung, I'll add more details. These Samsung phones will be updated to OneUI 4.0

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Samsung is the brand to beat for long-term updates. With three Android updates available to its flagship phones and mid-range phones from the manufacturer, the Galaxy S10 series will get the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 stable version starting in 2019. Samsung will provide the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 update for all its 2020 and 2021 smartphones, which includes many phones. Samsung does not usually share a timeframe for the availability of an update for specific phones. However, we will receive that information when the stable version begins rolling out at year's end. Here's a list of Galaxy smartphones and tablets that will be eligible for One UI 4.0: Galaxy S21 5G phones get One UI 4.0 Galaxy S21 5G

Galaxy S21+ 5G

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S20/S20 5G

Galaxy S20+/S20+ 5G

Galaxy S20 Ultra / S20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S20 FE/FE 5G

Galaxy S10/S10 5G

Galaxy S10+

Galaxy S10e

Galaxy S10 Lite Galaxy Note series phones getting One UI 4.0 Galaxy Note 20 / Note 20 5G

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra / Note 20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 5G

Galaxy Note 10+/Note 10+ 5G

Galaxy Note 10 Lite Galaxy Z series phones getting One UI 4.0 Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Flip 3

Galaxy Z Fold 2/Z Fold 2 5G

Galaxy Z Flip/ Z Flip 5G

Galaxy Fold / Fold 5G Galaxy A Series phones with One UI 4.0 Galaxy A52s Galaxy A52s 5G

Galaxy A72

Galaxy A52/A52 5G

Galaxy A42/A42 5G

Galaxy A32/A32 5G

Galaxy A22/A22 5G

Galaxy A12

Galaxy A02s

Galaxy A02

Galaxy A71/A71 5G

Galaxy A51/A51 5G

Galaxy A41

Galaxy A31

Galaxy A21

Galaxy A21

Galaxy A11

Galaxy A03s

Galaxy A Quantum Galaxy Tab series tablets getting One UI 4.0 Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Galaxy Tab A7 10.4

Galaxy Tab S7+ / S7+ 5G

Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 5G

Galaxy Tab A 8.4

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Galaxy Tab S6 / S6 5G

Galaxy Tab Active 3 Galaxy M series phones getting One UI 4.0 Galaxy M62

Galaxy M42/M42 5G

Galaxy M32

Galaxy M12

Galaxy M02s

Galaxy M02

Galaxy M51

Galaxy M31s

Galaxy M31 Prime

Galaxy M21s

Galaxy M21

Galaxy M11

Galaxy M01s

Galaxy M01 Galaxy F series phones getting One UI 4.0 Galaxy F62

Galaxy F52 5G

Galaxy F22

Galaxy F12

Galaxy F02s

Galaxy F41 Galaxy XCover series getting One UI 4.0 Galaxy XCover 5

Galaxy XCover Pro One UI 4.0 has many new features

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OneUI 3.1.1 is available on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3 out of the box. The version update offers a few tweaks to OneUI 3.1. Although there were rumors that these devices would be receiving the One UI 3.5 build, it is clear that Samsung has been focusing its efforts on the One UI 4.0 upgrade. Samsung will be introducing a number of new features to One UI 4.0 and updating the interface. Although One UI 3.1 had some improvements over One UI 2.0 the interface was largely unchanged. We are due for an update. According to leaker Chunvn8888, Samsung will reveal a new color palette and icons and use Android 12’s Material You design aesthetic. It will be interesting to see how One UI 4.0 differs from earlier versions, given the bold design changes Google made with Material You. Samsung announced a few weeks back that it would be eliminating ads from One UI. It is very likely that it will do so with One UI 4.0. There could be changes in notification management, a vertically scrolling drawer for apps, new features within the power menu, camera updates, and many other features. One UI 4.0 also includes under-the-hood tweaks. Samsung claims to be optimising the UI to maximize the performance of high-end hardware such as the Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100. This has been a significant improvement over the past two years. However, Samsung's flagships and many of its mid-range smartphones now have 120Hz panels so any UI optimizations will be noticeable. To see the full list of changes in One UI 4.0 beta, we will need to wait, but it seems like Samsung has big plans for its upcoming software. When will my Samsung smartphone get the One UI 4.0 upgrade? It is likely that the Galaxy S21 series will get the beta version before any other Samsung devices. Samsung typically releases the stable One UI builds around the end of each year. If there are no changes in this strategy, the Galaxy S21 models will get One UI 4.0 before December or January. The update will then be available to older Galaxy S, Z and Note flagships. Mid-range phones are likely to get the update later in Q1 2022. We don't know if the update will be available to older Galaxy S, Z, and Note flagships. Then, we will need to wait and watch how One UI 4.0 beta progresses before we can determine a timeframe for its stable rollout. The beta might not be as simple as it was in previous years, as Samsung is introducing a new UI as well as several new features. It is still exciting to see the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 beta rolling out. We will have more information on the build as soon as it is available. In the meantime, please let us know which features you would like to see in One UI 4.0.