FTC investigating McDonald's ice cream machines

What happened to the ice cream machine? McDonald's considers the meme an everyday fact.

The fast-food company has struggled for years to understand the complexities of serving frozen desserts that date back to 200 BCE. McDonald's made just $19 billion last fiscal year. What can you expect from them? Make ice cream. McDonalds tried everything to fix the problem. It's not funny to franchisees, though, as their employees get stuck telling people that the machines are damaged. The National Owners Association stated that McDonalds customers are notoriously chilled. Our customers and our crews are the same.


The Federal Trade Commission is not content with waiting for the McFlurry.

According to The Wall Street Journal the FTC is currently talking with McDonalds franchisees regarding their complicated ice cream machines. It's only a matter of time. In Google searches, McDonalds ice cream machines have overtaken McDonalds french fries over the past year. These are likely people searching for a working machine. You can download an app or use a website to track which machines are in use.

It has been long documented that the mystery surrounding these machines is still unsolved. They are notoriously difficult to clean and must be left for repair technicians if their automated nightly maintenance fails. There are some solutions. Startup Kytch created a device to alert owners of breakdowns and provide them with clear information about what went wrong. The machines, currently manufactured by Taylor Commercial Foodservice LLC, display messages such as ERROR:XSndhUIF 45F 1HR LPROD and VISC.

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