Paramount delays ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ until May 2022 due to coronavirus concerns

You will have to wait a while to get your Tom Cruise fix.
Paramount Pictures has moved the release dates of Cruises' next two films back by one, citing concerns that COVID-19 would continue to harm the movie-theater industry. Top Gun: Maverick was originally scheduled to debut Nov. 19. It was moved to May 27, 2022 next Memorial Day weekend, while Mission: Impossible 7 is now on Sept. 30, 2022.

ViacomCBS Inc. VIAC also owns Paramount. VIAC, 0.0.10%, also delayed Jackass Forever from Oct. 22 through Feb. 4, 2022.

These moves destroyed all hopes that the movie business would soon return to normalcy. Due to the effects of pandemics on movie theaters, a number of movies with big names have had to be delayed multiple times or moved to streaming platforms. Although most U.S. theaters are now open, the numbers of people attending the theaters has not returned to pre-pandemic levels. The recent delta surge may also be keeping them from going to the movies.

Movies that are only shown in theaters have had disappointing box-office results. There have also been complaints that movies that were streamed or aired in the same day as they opened in theaters have earned significantly less than movies that were released in pre-pandemic years. Scarlett Johansson, an actress sued Disney earlier this year. She claimed that her salary for Marvels Black Widow was unjustly lower because it was streamed on Disney+ the day it premiered in theaters.

Original plans for Top Gun 2 were for release in summer 2019, but it was delayed for production reasons for one year. The pandemic struck, and the sequel to Top Gun was delayed for a year. It was then pushed back to December 2020. July 2021. November 2021.