Apple will let some apps guide users to websites to make payments, bypassing Apple’s cut

Tim Cook, Apple Inc.'s chief executive officer, spoke at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California on Monday, June 4, 2018.
Apple announced Wednesday that certain apps will allow users to link to their websites in order to encourage them to subscribe.

Apple used to prohibit app developers from asking users to sign up through websites, such as Spotify or Netflix. Instead, developers were directed to Apple's billing which takes between 15%-30% of gross sales.

This rule doesn't apply to all transactions made through the App Store. In-app purchases that are geared towards games will need to be made using Apple's payment system. However, "reader apps", which link to subscriptions for content, can now offer a service and not require Apple's subscription.

Developers are voicing their dismay at Apple's App store for using anticompetitive practices. Spotify was one of those who complained to the European Union, which subsequently ruled that Apple had broken competition rules.

Apple claimed that the decision was part of a settlement reached with the Japan Fair Trade Commission, but that it would apply the new rule worldwide.