Vaccine skeptic Joe Rogan got COVID and then took bogus horse dewormer drug

Joe Rogan, comedian and podcaster, shared his experience with COVID on Wednesday via Instagram. He also took a "kitchen Sink" of drugs during recovery, including the fake horse dewormer Ivermectin.
Rogan shared a video on his COVID experience. He said that he felt feverish and had chills for the next few days before he tested positive. After performing several shows in Florida, Rogan was confirmed positive.

Rogan stated, "So we immediately threw at it the kitchen sink." "All sorts of meds. Monoclonal antibodies. Ivermectin. Z-pack. Prednisone. Everything.

Ivermectin is correct. The FDA warns against using a horse dewormer to treat COVID-19.

Rogan, who hosts a podcast that is a huge success and for which Spotify paid over $100 million, said he felt great Wednesday. Sunday was the only day when he felt sick. Rogan informed his followers that he had to cancel a Nashville show before completing the video.

"Obviously, it was not something that I could control. Rogan stated that it was what it was, despite the crazy times we live in. "A heartfelt, wonderful thank you to modern medicine that pulled me out of this quickly and so easily."

Rogan would be very grateful to modern medicine for Ivermectin, which is an animal dewormer. Although small amounts of the drug can be approved for human consumption to fight head lice and other parasites it is not an effective treatment against COVID.

Some people started taking high-concentrated amounts of Ivermectin for horses and livestock because they believed it would cure their ailments. People began to ingest strange horse goo rather than getting an effective, simple and safe vaccine. It's a wonderful world.

Rogan's podcast is a huge success, reaching millions of people. However, he has had a lot of shaky comments during the pandemic. Rogan, for example, claimed that he didn't believe young healthy people should be vaccinated, and falsely claimed that vaccinated people contributed to the dangerous mutations of virus.

However, it is not known if Rogan, who has been travelling and performing shows, has been vaccinated.

Rogan stated that he was not antivax and made the statement in April, in apparent effort to reaffirm his vaccine skepticalism. "I believe they are safe and encourage many people who have not tried them to do so."

Rogan might still advise you to not follow his medical advice. In those April comments, he clarified his credentials.

He said, "I'm not doctor, I'm just a fucking moon."