North Carolina High School On Lockdown After Shooting—The State’s Second This Week

One student was injured in a shooting at North Carolina's high school. Other schools in the region are also under lockdown. Police said Wednesday that the shooting marks the second school shooting in North Carolina in less than a week, just before the start of the fall semester.

The Key Facts

A school resource officer called authorities reporting that a student had been shot at Mount Tabor High School, Winston-Salem, just after 12 p.m. The city's police department informed WXII. According to a Twitter statement, all students have been safe since the school was secured. Although the department stated that it was still looking for the suspect, they did not provide any details on the shooter or their actions. In an email, the school district informed parents that the injured student is currently being treated in an area hospital. All other students and staff are safe and under the care of law enforcement. Other schools in the vicinity are also being kept under lockdown by the police department as a precaution. This emphasizes that there has been no other incident.

Important Background

Two days ago, Mount Tabor High School was the victim of another shooting. According to WECT, a 15-year old is facing attempted murder charges after he allegedly shot another student during a fight at New Hanover High School. According to the New Hanover Sheriffs Office, the student who was injured does not have life-threatening injuries.