Microsoft is kicking unsupported PCs out of Windows 11 testing

Microsoft is beginning to remove PCs from the Windows Insider program. These PCs are not eligible to upgrade to Windows 11. You will likely receive a message from Windows Update advising you that you need to reinstall Windows 10 if you have been helping Microsoft test Windows 11 using a machine that does not meet the minimum hardware requirements.
Microsoft warns that your PC doesn't meet the minimum hardware requirements to run Windows 11. Your device is not eligible for the Windows Insider Program. To participate in the Windows Insider Program on Windows 11, please install Windows 10.

Windows 11 beta testers have begun to receive messages about incompatible computers this week. This comes just weeks after Microsoft announced the October 5th release date. Although it was something Microsoft had warned users about at the start of Windows 11's beta period, it still points out the confusing minimum hardware requirements Microsoft has established.

Microsoft has now dropped ineligible systems from the Insider program and tells them to install Windows 10. BetaWiki (@BetaWiki) August 31, 2021

Windows 11 users who have installed the OS on non-supported hardware can use a workaround and install the ISO version. Microsoft warns that unsupported devices won't be eligible to receive Windows Updates. This could include security patches.

Microsoft recommends that Windows 11 users who do not meet the minimum hardware requirements should install Windows 10. This OS will continue to be supported until 2025. Many Windows 11 users, who are loyal Microsoft fans, will be confused as to why their computer is not officially supported, even though it likely has been running the OS for several months.

Microsoft tried to justify Windows 11's minimum hardware requirements by arguing for reliability and security, but some PCs that were sold a few years back are still not eligible to upgrade. Windows 11 increases the security level to the CPU level. Microsoft has made it clear that it wants to support Trusted Platform Module, UEFI Secure Boot and virtualization-based security methods.

Windows 11 will be available on October 5th. Microsoft will continue to provide new Dev builds to OS testers. Android app integration won't be available at launch, but Windows Insider testers can get access over the next few months to this feature that heavily relies on modern hardware.