5 Trade Ideas to Help 76ers Deal Ben Simmons Before Training Camp

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Matt Slocum/Associated Press

It was obvious. It was even official. After Ben Simmons famously missed a wide-open dunk during the playoffs, in a closeout and in the clutch, the Philadelphia 76ers and Simmons were done together. Joel Embiid, Doc Rivers threw him under a bus and it appeared that the relationship was irreparable.

It became official on Tuesday, if not officially.

The report was prepared by Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

According to multiple sources, Simmons said to Josh Harris, his co-managing partner and president of basketball operations, general manager Elton Brand, coach Doc Rivers, that he doesn't want to be a Sixer in a meeting last week in Los Angeles.

Sources claim that the three-time All-Star does not plan to report to training camp.

This doesn't mean that Simmons must be traded. Simmons is still under contract until 2024-25. However, one of the many lessons from the player empowerment era was that these situations are often not salvageable. Today's NBA has a lot of leverage and players have the ability to influence the game. Paying over $30 million for someone who refuses play would negatively impact the team's performance on the court.

The Sixers should face reality at this point, or sometime between now and the deadline for trades, and make a move for Morey. While the deal might not be what Morey wants, it will be better to have two or three players who are contributing than a holdout. Waiting can cause more harm than good.

Jerry Seinfeld once said to George Costanza who was having trouble deciding how to start a divorce. "You should do it like a band-aid." One motion. One motion.

Here are some deals that will make it worth getting rid of your Band-Aid.