Leon Panetta: It's a mistake for the U.S. to count on the Taliban in Afghanistan

CNBC's Leon Panetta said that he thinks it is wrong for the United States not to count on Afghanistan's Taliban for cooperation, following President Joe Biden's speech stating that his administration would stand by the Taliban.
"I don't trust the Taliban. Panetta, who was defense secretary under President Barack Obama from July 2011 to February 2013, stated that the Taliban had provided terrorists with safe havens in the past and will continue to do so."

Panetta stated to "The News With Shepard Smith" he believes Al Qaeda will reestablish itself as an organization in Afghanistan. He cited an interview with a Taliban commander that said there was no proof Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11.

Panetta, who was the Director of Central Intelligence Agency (February 2009 to June 2011), stated that if the Taliban defend bin Laden in 9/11 then you can be sure they're going continue to provide a safe harbor for Al Qaeda."

Nearly all of Afghanistan is now controlled by the Taliban, who were ousted from power shortly after 9/11.

Former Defense Secretary stated that the withdrawal from Afghanistan does not have to define Biden's foreign policies. Panetta stated that Biden must evacuate Americans and allies still in Afghanistan and make it clear that the U.S. continues to pursue terrorists there. He also needs to push the Taliban to acknowledge human rights and admit his mistakes.

Panetta stated, "Ultimately, he will have to admit that he has learned from the Afghanistan experience and the mistakes made,"

CNBC reached out to the White House for comment but they did not respond immediately.