Hey Carlos, wherever you go, the boos will follow

Carlos Correa, the Houston Astros shortstop, who won a championship in 2017 with the help extracurriculars, has made it clear that he will be leaving this team.


Correa said to The Athletic, "My last year with the Astros," Correa stated. We can win another championship. Two of them can be my legacy in this wonderful organization.

Correa's decision to leave is something I don't know. Perhaps he wants to be the star of a team or have a great contract or simply needs a change. Perhaps he is trying to distance himself form the sign-stealing scandal of which he was a victim.

Carlos, can I call you Carlos If you are leaving because you're tired of being booed, it will not work. George Springer is an example of someone who gets heckled even at home by Blue Jays fans.

People you are trying to get forgiving have brains that have evolved beyond age 2. They have object permanence, everything, and a strong will to forgive. You won't be able to stand in Cardinals gear and ask, "Who is this mystery man?" He seems like hes done no wrong.

Since fans are allowed back into stadiums, the Astros have been repeatedly booed in every ballpark where they have played. The team has stood by their retribution, just like responsible adults. According to reports, the Astros complained to MLB.

The Astros will not win another championship. You and your teammates earned a reputation for cheating by switching teams or winning subsequent championships. The ship has sailed. You could have minimized the backlash and apologized sincerey, and given the World Series trophy back. Instead, you taunted fans and opponents alike.


Yes, I did use the trashcan. It was my trash can. Because this is my purpose in life. Every time I speak, I want you guys believe me. Correa, February 21, 2020.

Correa is a man who values his credibility above everything. He says what he means, and he means it. In an interview with MLB Network, Correa denied cheating just days before on February 15, 2020.


Ken Rosenthal asked, "So you guys didn't have your signs?" referring to 2017 World Series.

No. Correa said no in a pitch high enough to break a wine glass.

Correa stated this earlier in the same interview in response to Cody Bellinger's claim that the Astros had stolen the World Series from them:

Problem is when players don't know what the facts are. They are not aware of the facts. They just sit there and talk, not knowing what is happening. This doesn't make sense. He may not know how to read or is terrible at understanding what is being read. Or he might be completely ignorant.


The cheater can dole out moral judgement. Cheating to beat someone is a classy move. Because you were the most unapologetic, outspoken asshole on team after the scandal, the boos will never cease.

Carlos, your old friend, and old pal, everything you've said about the subject has been to the tune, "Yes we cheated." What are you going do about it?


This is what people do about it. They will boo you and throw trash cans onto the field to vent their frustrations.

Side note: Some people have said that throwing trash cans onto the field is dangerous. I'm not against dangerous things, but could someone please tell me how? I am asking sincere questions. It's not like someone is going to hit a person. If someone throws a trashcan 70 feet beyond the outfield wall and hits a player, then they shouldn't be arrested. They should be signed to a contract, because they have a better arm that anyone on the team.


Carlos, this will likely follow you around for the rest of your life. You can't turn your back on the role of villain once you accept it. Why not embrace it? This is your legacy, a cheater. Let's just accept that.