A Woman Re-Created The Iconic Nicole Kidman Divorce Look To Celebrate Her Own Divorce Being Finalized

Liz Maupin, an LA producer, hosted a weekend-long divorce party. She dressed up as Nicole Kidman during the party in the iconic paparazzi photo that was taken in 2001 after Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise. BuzzFeed News reported that Maupin had even had the top custom made. This fun moment went viral on Twitter.
Liz Maupin

Maupin, 34, split from her ex three-years ago. However, their divorce was granted only recently. She said, "I wanted to celebrate it and start a new chapter" in her life. I love Nicole's photo so much. It speaks volumes about freedom and relief. Surprised guests at her divorcing party, she changed into the dress halfway through and emerged with arms open and exultant. She added, "Everyone cheered. It was so nice." Fun fact: On Aug. 8, Kidman and Cruise celebrated the official anniversary of their divorce.

This was the day that Nicole Kidman's divorce from Tom Cruise took place in 2001! Twitter: @spun_sugar1

Maupin stated that it was difficult to divorce an unhealthy marriage. However, it was a decision she made that was right for her and led her back to herself. She said that she believes there is still stigma surrounding divorce. "I wanted to have a positive experience and celebrate being me again, with no tethering to anyone else, and start over." "Nicoles outfit helped me remember my newfound freedom. She wants to reassure anyone who is going through the stress of ending a marriage legally that it's OK to celebrate it. Maupin said, "It was so empowering and fun." "I made the party non-boys-allowed. It was a great time. If you are thinking of getting divorced, I recommend throwing a party. People shared their joy with her and celebrated her victory online.

@LizMaupin MAY DIVOCE BE WITH YOU! Twitter: @Thewhitefawnkbh