Don’t feel sorry for Cam — he did this to himself

Cam Newton chose to not get vaccinated. Bill Belichick decided to keep the quarterback room. It's all about making choices.

On Tuesday morning, the New England Patriots shocked the sports world when Newton was released from the team. Everyone was shocked by the timing of the release. Newton and Mac Jones, a rookie, were locked in a heated battle for the starting position.

The Boston Globe headline from Monday explained why Cam Newton is a safer choice than Mac Jones when it comes to starting the season. To start the week, even Belichick stated that Newton was moving in the right direction. It was over by Tuesday morning. It was over for Newton and Jones became the new Foxboro QB1.

Newton knew who he was dealing, even though the move was quite surprising

Everything is designed to win. Newton spoke about New England on I Am Athlete in February.

Bill Belichick, who later said that he was the most misunderstood person of all sports, I believe.


Newton's quotes, along with the fact that he has COVID, are what made it so confusing that he would not reveal whether he was vaccinated in August or not. It is too personal to discuss. He said, "I'll keep it at that." We would find out that Newton was not vaccinated. He had to go through the five-day entry process before returning to the facility. This is something that only unvaccinated NFL players must follow after a misinterpretation about testing done away from NFL facilities.

Newton was still not vaccinated despite all the hardships he endured.

When he was asked about his return from COVID, he stated that he didn't feel comfortable when re-entering the country. Pre-snap was a big part of the discomfort. Pre-snap, a lot of that discomfort came from my talents in improv. I think too much.


He would be a risky wager for the teams if Newton wanted to continue his career in NFL quarterback. His age, his performance last season and his current vaccination status will determine if GMs give him a call. He is reportedly leaving New England with $3.5million. The Patriots are doing him a favor by not trading him. This makes Newton an unvaccinated quarterback who can sign anywhere.


From the scandal that caused him to leave Florida, to the Auburn allegations, to his time with both the Carolina Panthers (Patriots), and later, Newton's entire career can be described as a series of valley highs and valley lows. Newton is still waiting at the phone to make the final decision. This is why it is important for a quarterback to be able to get vaccinated.


Cam Newton must get vaccinated if he wants to play again football. He won't if he doesn't. It's as simple as that. Cam, choose wisely. You are the game's most important player.