World’s Largest Aircraft Mocked for Looking Like Giant Butt

The massive, gassy aircraft could soon begin making trips to the North Pole.

The world's largest aircraft is here: the Airlander 10, a massive airship that looks almost like a giant, possibly plugged, butt when viewed from certain angles.

The Airlander 10, despite its beauty, has had a rough past. The original design was made by the US military in 2010 to allow for surveillance in Afghanistan for two weeks. However, the project was abandoned two years later.

However, Hybrid Air Vehicles, a British developer, kept the concept in place just in case commercial aircraft use was ever back in fashion. The Airlander 10, as it has been known, might soon be in the spotlight.



The Plot Thickens

CNN reported that OceanSky Cruises will launch a luxury air cruise from and to the North Pole to recreate an historic expedition Norwegian explorers took in 1926. CNN reported at the time that an older, commercially-available Airlander 10 was the top choice for OceanSky's vehicle of choice. OceanSky confirmed later that the giant floating butt will be used.

This journey will use the Airlander 10's ability to fly very slowly and close to ground to provide tourists with amazing views of local wildlife. It also illustrates the tradeoff between low speed and high versatility that comes with flying in an aircraft rather than a plane.

In order to give our passengers a glimpse into the polar habitats, we can descend to 300 feet and even 100 feet depending on your needs, pilot Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck said to CNN.

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