Dallas Cowboys release QB Garrett Gilbert; Cooper Rush to back up Dak Prescott

FRISCO (Texas) -- Cooper Rush has been named the Dallas Cowboys' backup quarterback for Dak Prescott, at least temporarily.
The Cowboys have reached the 53-player roster limit. On Tuesday, Garrett Gilbert was released. He played in three of their preseason games and Ben DiNucci was a seventh-round draft pick in 2020.

Rush is back in the same spot that he held for 2017-19 seasons.

Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas said that Jones "just thinks he's shown he can run all the offense." He deserves our gratitude. He faced some tough competition. He didn't let those guys down. Dak has been absent so he's seen a lot of reps. These things are what make us feel at home here.

Rush has thrown three passes during his career, and none since 2017. After Prescott's season-ending ankle injury, the Cowboys released Rush in favor of DiNucci one year ago. However, they resigned him to their practice squad.

Rush completed 29 out of 46 passes for 272 yard with two touchdowns. Gilbert completed 28-of-50 passes for 301 yards with one touchdown. There were no interceptions. DiNucci completed 35 out of 66 passes for 348 yard with two touchdowns, four interceptions.

Gilbert and/or DiNucci might be able to return to the Cowboys practice squad.

The Cowboys may be looking for No. Based on the cuts of other teams, the Cowboys could look for No. 2. However Jones stated that Rush's experience in the current game system is a plus. It would be difficult to trust someone new with such a rapid turnaround against Tampa Bay.

Jones stated that Jones has set a high standard for what is the best way to play, even if you don’t have Dak.

Jones stated that Prescott is fully fit and ready to go after he was released from the latissimus strain on his right shoulder.

Jones stated, "He's moving well." Jones said, "He has that ball-skipping speed. We know that he has been throwing with his key receivers the last few practice. So, as far as his ability to throw and execute the throws and move around as he should against Tampa I have no concern.