Sean Hannity says Biden and 'everyone involved' in Afghanistan withdrawal should be fired

Local time, the last US military flight departed Kabul on Tuesday morning.
Sean Hannity stated that the US is leaving Americans behind in the hands of terrorists.

He stated that Biden and other participants in the withdrawal from Afghanistan should be fired.

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Sean Hannity, Fox News host, called for President Joe Biden to resign and all those involved in the US withdrawal form Afghanistan.

"This is the most serious self-inflicted crisis in American foreign policy. Hannity stated Monday night that it was one of the most serious in American history. "All those involved should be fired... All of them must be held accountable for this unmitigated catastrophe. Yes, Joe Biden too, fired."

Hannity's comments came just after the last US military aircraft left Kabul. Hannity stated that there were still Americans in Afghanistan, and leaving them behind would have put them in "hands of terrorists," referring to the Taliban.

He stated that the US should have pulled all Americans and allies out, and that allies who helped the US shouldn’t “necessarily” come to Afghanistan.

Biden had suggested earlier this month that the deadline of August 31 to withdraw all Afghan troops be extended. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan and threatened "consequences" for any foreign troops that remained beyond the deadline.

Biden soon after stated that the US would evacuate all Americans by the deadline.

Over the last week, evacuation efforts have intensified and Biden stated Monday that more than 120,000 people had been evacuated in the past 17 days.

Insider did not receive a response from the White House to our request for comment at the time this article was published.