Orange County Teacher Suggests Students Pledge Allegiance to LGBT Flag

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Southern California teacher in hot water for suggesting that her students pledge allegiance the Pride flag instead of the American flag.

Kristin Pitzen is the lady's name and she works at Newport Mesa School District, Orange County. This district can be quite conservative when compared to L.A., so it was no surprise that she upset a lot of parents with this tweet.

It's funny! Pitzen claims that she removed the U.S. flag from her classroom during COVID because it made her feel uncomfortable. She hasn’t been able (or seems to want) to find it. She laughs through the entire story.

Kristin Pitzen is the "teacher" who teaches her students it's OK to swear to the Pride flag instead the American Flag, because she finds it uncomfortable. ApoplecticAmerican (@ApoplecticAmer1) August 28, 2021 @ApoplecticAmer1

Now, fast forward to the 2021 school years, where she states that some students, at least those who have chosen to participate, have asked her what they should pledge allegiance too during morning announcements. It's amazing to see how Pitzen hasn't got Old Glory back up yet.

Jokingly, she jokes that she told one student who asked her about it that they could pledge to one flag if they so desired -- and she pans to the rainbow flag behind them.

According to reports, the video caused outrage within the community due to a number of reasons. Some feel that she is "indoctrinating" their children and others feel she was disrespectful to the flag (and the U.S.) by extension. This particular moment in Afghanistan is particularly hurtful.

Kristin Pitzen, Newport Mesa School District, is probably watching the Dignified Transfer ceremony of our deceased servicemen and women. Perhaps she isn't comfortable with all the flags of the USA. Michael O'Neill (@MichaelJONeill) August 29, 2021 @MichaelJONeill