Poison Ivy Is Coming to the CW's Batwoman

A classic DC character has been added to the seemingly endless list of DC characters that will be coming to the CW. Poison Ivy is the legendary villain known for making Batman's life miserable. He will be coming to Gotham City via the small screen. The role of Poison Ivy will be played by Bridget Regan, an actress who will debut the third season of Batwoman later in the fall.

Deadline reported the casting news. The role was first teased in the season 2 finale. It will likely be a recurring one. Regan will portray Pamela Isley (a former student of botany at Gotham University) who was subject to experiments and turned out to be a supervillain. It is unclear how shell fits into the third season, which will see Ryan Wilder (Javicia leslie) as Batwoman. Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), has been off looking for her cousin, *checks notes* Bruce Wayne. It's an important name.

Regan is most well-known for her roles in TNTs The Last Ship, USAs White Collar and last year's Paradise Lost with Josh Hartnett. She has also been seen in minor roles in Agent Carter (as Dottie underwood), John Wick and Jane the Virgin, among others. Since over 15 years, she has been performing consistently.

Poison Ivy is much older than that. She's been around for 55+ years, and has become one of Batmans most feared adversaries. She hasn't appeared in as many live-action movies or shows as Harley Quinn or Catwoman, though she did play a major, but less villainous, role in HBO Maxs animated Harley Quinn series. Uma Thurman played her most prominent role in Batman and Robin 1997, which was also her most well-known appearance. She had to share the spotlight in that movie with Mr. Freeze was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, then the biggest star in the entire world. Poison Ivy was also a guest on Fox's Gotham, although the role was recast several times. Finally, Poison Ivy was rumored to be appearing in 2020's all-girl team-up film Birds of Prey. However, that didn't happen. Margot Robbie, star and producer, has stated on numerous occasions that she had lost love for Harley Quinn and would like to see the character again.

This could still happen, but the CW will get her first when Batwoman is back in October.

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