School board somehow fails to realize it's being pranked

This could not have been predicted.
Readers will be shocked when they learn that "Phil McCraken", "Eileen Dover", and other suspect names did not attend the meeting of the Henrico County school board.

You can watch the meeting via the Henrico County Public Schools Website. It shows Roscoe Cooper reading names of those who signed up to speak.

Cooper says "Phil McCraken". "Phil McCraken?"

Cooper continues to look for other names after Mr. McCracken is not available. "Ophelia McCracken," Cooper says nothing, before trying "Eileen Dover," Don Keydic," or "Wayne Kerr."

Cooper continues to stare down at his desk, appearing to briefly shake his head in dismay before continuing to his task.

"Aaron Sorkin... Aaron Sorkin?"

The relevant section begins at the 3:42:40 mark in the video below.

Look, we get it. It has been a difficult year and half for us all. Public officials are constantly faced with changing health landscapes and a continuing pandemic. Members of the Henrico County School Board should be forgiven if they sometimes take a while to catch up.

They should have had as much fun as the prankster behind this. It's well deserved, we're certain.