Woman celebrates her divorce by recreating Nicole Kidman's iconic divorce outfit

Nicole Kidman, upon signing the papers to finally divorce Tom Cruise, marched out of her lawyer's office and threw her arms in joy. A Los Angeles producer and writer recreated Kidman's look for her divorce party after seeing the iconic paparazzi photo.
Although Liz Maupin divorced her husband in 2018, the paperwork was not completed until this year. Maupin hosted a party to celebrate her "finality" and welcome a new chapter in her life.

Maupin shared his thoughts with Mashable via a Twitter DM. "I believe there's so many stigmas around divorce which are so unnecessary. I wanted to have a really good experience at the end all and just celebrate being myself again, without a tether or another person." "Nicole's outfit helped me remember my newfound freedom.

As a surprise for party-goers, Maupin wore a custom reproduction of Kidman's shirt.

She continued, "I changed halfway through the party. I emerged in the outfit and everyone cheered." It was wonderful!

Twitter has gone viral with photos of Maupin wearing the same teal cargo pants as Kidman's.

Maupin stated that she was celebrating her divorce by throwing the party, despite negative associations. Although most comments to Maupin's outfit were positive, they did not believe she was throwing the party to spite her ex. She clarified that the party was her celebration of herself and her joy.

"Our relationship ended in disgrace over time, and we grew in other directions," she said, adding that divorce is a common experience for her. It was difficult for me to make that decision, but it was the best I could have.

Other Twitter users shared her joy.

"I feel complete relief!" Maupin concluded. Maupin concluded, "I feel rejuvenated."