Finally, Evangelion Blu-rays You Can Actually Buy

A couple of weeks ago, the announcement of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition Blu-ray set was a mixed blessing. It was wonderful to see Hideaki Annos' seminal TV series finally come to HD. The extras that it came with were well worth the $275 price. It was limited to just 5,000 sets. These were quickly snapped up. Fortunately, there are more Evangelion sets in the pipeline and it won't break the bank.

GKids will release three additional editions of Neon Genesis Evangelion for the masses. The 26-episode series, as well as two original 1997 moviesEvangelion Death (True)2 & The End of Evangelion will be available digitally for download at an unknown price on November 2. It will be cheaper than the Standard Edition which includes five physical discs with the show and the movies as well as five hours of additional content including music videos, commercials, and more. You'll pay $60 for it, but pre-orders are available at many retailers starting at $50.

The Standard Edition will not have the updated English dub or subtitle tracks as the series Netflix releases in 2019. You will need to upgrade to ADV's Collectors Edition if you wish to hear both the original English voice work and the subtitles made by ADV for Evangelions original English-language debut. The Ultimate Edition also includes eight art cards featuring artwork from the Japanese Blu-ray release. A 40-page abridged edition of the huge art book is also included. You can preorder the Collectors Edition for $175 at Right Stuf or Shout Factory. The Collectors Edition retails for $220. These sets will be available on November 9.

The only other things you won't be able get is the NERV lanyard, a small paperweight of Sachiel, and art cards inspired from the Japanese laserdisc series. You don't have to spend your life trying to find the Ultimate Edition. There are many other options.

James Whitbrook's amazing guide to Evangelion and its incredible importance in the anime world is a great place to start. All four new Evangelion movies that rebuild the original series are available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


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