Halloween Kills Is Surprisingly Timely, Says Jamie Lee Curtis

Slasher movies tend to focus on one killer and one victim at a given time. Rarely does the horror spread to the streets in such a way that victims can recruit others to fight back. Halloween Kills is a film that does just that. Jamie Lee Curtis believes that's why the film is so poignant in 2021.

Halloween Kills, the second installment of a planned Halloween sequel trilogy, is directed by David Gordon Green. It stars Curtis. It was originally scheduled to release in October 2018. However, it will now be released on October 15. Curtis explained that the new Michael Myers movie has bigger social implications than the 2018 film. Curtis revealed to Variety that Laurie had been made the personification for trauma in the 2018 film. It was released at the same time as the Me Too movement was gaining momentum. This is a film about a woman who has been traumatized for 40+ years. She is now rising to the top. It collided with the global events.

Curtis' character Laurie, who she had been reprising in the original film, teamed up with Judy Greer and Andi Matichak to lock Michael in her basement. The trailer for the film shows Michael getting out, then all hell breaks loose when Laurie manages to recruit some help from Haddonfield in her fight against pure evil.

Curtis explained that they made the second part of the trilogy. The movie was made and the people started taking to the streets. This was all before our movie was released. This is about mob violence. They intuited that the next wave in trauma would be rage. Five months later, they made a film about mob violence. It was supposed that we would be out one year ago.

Curtis seems to be referring to the 2020 protests, but she also believes that the film's resonance continued in 2021 due the Capitol riot. Then, January 6th happened. This movie was supposed to have been released in October last year. As we watched a mob descend upon the U.S. Capital, Curtis said that this is what the next movie will be аbout: Haddonfield and all the people who were also victims Michael Myers. A group of people are angry at the authorities, and they are planning to take the law into their hands.

Will Michael be defeated by the people of the town? This seems unlikely considering that there is still one part of the trilogy: Halloween Ends. It will be released in 2022. Halloween Kills will be released on October 15.

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