A TikTok and OnlyFans star was arrested after a neighbor said he found her 4-year-old child alone outside

Marrissa Cloutier (@digitalprincxss) was charged with neglecting a child.

After seeing her son playing outside, a neighbor called Lee County Police.

This influencer also uses OnlyFans and has 2.2 millions followers on TikTok.

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According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Marrissa Cloutier was arrested in Fort Myers on August 25th on the charge that she neglected a child.

According to court documents obtained from Insider, a neighbor called the police to report that Cloutier's 4-year old son was found outside. Police said she was released from custody by police ahead of her trial.

TikTok's 24-year-old star dances, models and vlogs for her more than 2.2 million followers. She posts on an OnlyFans account daily and uploads pornographic content to Pornhub with millions of views.

Cloutier stated in a TikTok that he was only permitted to speak legally about it. He also said that there are many things online that are not true and out of context. This video has been republished and shared online.

According to court records, Cloutier has pleaded not guilty and will appear in court on September 27.

Cloutier claimed to police that she had left her house to purchase detergent for cleaning her child's sheets. According to Insider's review of the probable cause statement, Cloutier said to police that she was not back home long. Cloutier was carrying a half-empty Tide detergent bottle and Cloutier didn't have a receipt.

Cloutier altered some aspects of her story after being further interrogated by two officers and having her Miranda rights read.

Cloutier claimed that Cloutier put her child to sleep at 9 p.m., then went to "go to meet with a friend" 11 miles away. According to the report, she told officers that she made a mistake and that her anxiety made her lie.

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According to the report Cloutier's mother arrived in Florida to take custody. Officers were told that Cloutier's mother had only moved from Colorado to Florida less than a month prior. Cloutier did not immediately confirm whether she had regained custody of her child before her trial.

Cloutier (her child) lives in an area surrounded by water bodies, wildlife and traffic, as well as potential dangers for unsupervised children," reads the report.

Cloutier's arrest was first reported on social media on Friday. TikTok videos featuring Cloutier's mugshot drew hundreds of likes, comments and tweets.

A model for OnlyFans, hawkhatesyou, has announced that Cloutier will no longer be her collaborator on a September project.

Cloutier made Cloutier's TikTok and Twitter accounts private. Her attorney and she did not respond to requests for comment.

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