Telegram tops 1 billion downloads – TechCrunch

According to Sensor Tower, Telegram, a popular instant messaging app has been added to the elite group of apps that have been downloaded more than 1 billion times worldwide.
TechCrunch was informed by the mobile insight company that the app, which is based in Dubai, reached the milestone on Friday. India, like WhatsApp, is Telegram's largest market. Sensor Tower stated that India is the second-largest market for Telegram, accounting for approximately 22% of its lifetime installations.

Russia and Indonesia are closely followed by India, accounting for 10% and 8% respectively of all installs. It added that the apps installed accelerated in 2021. They reached 214.7 million installs in half of 2021. This is 61% more than H1 2020's 133 million.

It is important to note that the number installed apps does not necessarily reflect the active userbase. Telegram, for example, had approximately 500 million monthly active users at the beginning of this year. Despite the fact that WhatsApp's poor privacy handling to its large userbase has led to a surge in downloads, Telegram still seems to have received some attention.

Sensor Tower revealed to TechCrunch that Telegram, an app that raised more than $1 billion earlier this year, has been downloaded over 1 billion times. Sensor Tower said that other apps included WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook as well as Snapchat, Spotify, Spotify, Spotify, Spotify, and Netflix. (Mobile research companies don't track installs of many Google apps that are pre-installed on Android phones.

Telegram did not immediately respond to a request of comment.