Instagram to Require Users to Provide Their Date of Birth

Instagram announced today that it requires all Instagram users to reveal their birth date to create safer and more private experiences for young people.

Instagram users who haven't yet shared their birthday will be asked to do so. Instagram will ask for your date of birth whenever the app opens up. Notifications asking for this information will be sent a few times.

To continue using Instagram, users will need to share their birthdays. Instagram will also place warning screens on certain posts, and ask users to share their birthdays before they allow the content to be viewed. The same interface will be used for sensitive or graphic posts. However, it will now ask for a date and birth confirmation.

This information will be used to develop new safety features and ensure that "right experiences" are offered to the right age group. Instagram made changes in March to stop adults from sending messages under 18 to its users. Last month, Instagram defaulted new accounts to private for users 16 years and older.

Instagram is working on "new systems" that will address people who have entered incorrect dates of birth. The system uses AI to determine how old people are. The app will provide a variety of age verification options if someone chooses an incorrect age.