EU recommends restrictions on travel from the U.S.

Officials from the EU have reaffirmed their recommendation to limit nonessential travel to the U.S. just months after 27 EU member countries added the U.S. on a safe travel list.
The Council of the EU stated in a statement that the U.S. should be removed along with Israel, Kosovo and Montenegro from the safe travel list after a review.

The council stated that it was not a "legally binding instrument" and that each EU member would be responsible for implementing, reimposing or revoking travel restrictions.

The EU currently reviews its travel restrictions recommendations every two weeks. Countries with fewer than 75 Covid cases per 100,000 people over the past 14 days, among other criteria are eligible to join the safelist.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reported on Aug. 27 that there had been approximately 600 new Covid cases in the United States for the week ending Aug. 22.

Here is a country-by-country guide on current EU travel protocols.

CLARIFICATION. An earlier version incorrectly stated that no-necessary travel restrictions would impact travel to the U.S. These restrictions would apply to U.S. citizens traveling to the EU.