Europe Recommends Banning Even Vaccinated Americans Again, Each Country To Chart Own Path

Update: The E.U. Update: The E.U. has reaffirmed its recommendation that only essential travel is allowed from the U.S. Each country can decide whether it will follow the guidance to the fullest extent, continue to allow U.S.-vaccinated travelers or ignore it entirely (though this seems unlikely given the fact that the policy was adopted without any objection by any member).
For a time, we may see more uncertainty and dispersion in travel regulations. This uncertainty is what makes planning trips so hard and continues to be a burden on travel-reliant companies.

Along with Israel, Kosovo and Montenegro, the U.S. will be removed from the safe travel list to Europe. This could mean a ban on travel to non-essential countries, even for fully vaccinated. You will soon learn the specific terms.

Soon, we will find out if the E.U. Decision to revoke travel freedom for people who have not been vaccinated or all.

The E.U. The E.U.'s list is advisory and each country sets its own rules. Greece, for example, decided to open its borders months before the E.U. American citizens would be allowed to enter their borders. France and Spain have already indicated their intent to open borders to Americans.

This guidance is likely to be followed by most countries of Schengen Europe.

Two things would be worth mentioning here.

Peak tourism season is over. Eliminating U.S. tourist now is cheaper than removing it in July when the virus was reactivating.

The United States refuses to permit anyone who has been to Europe in the last 14 days to enter, even if they have been vaccinated. However, it is open to people from Mexico, Russia and Indonesia.

As the U.S. will not allow Europeans in, it is cheaper to keep Americans out in high-viral transmission areas. It should come as no surprise that the European Union has made a move to do just that. Ironically, the U.S. is making this move as the rate of U.S. case growth slows, which could indicate a peak. Many nations will follow this guidance but on a schedule that suits their specific circumstances.

Friday was Friday, and I wrote that the EU was likely to recommend restrictions for many American travelers. Many readers disagreed and suggested that the title should clearly have stated that this would only apply to travelers who are vaccinated. Although I did include that expectation in my post, it was still speculation.

We have a return of regime uncertainty, which I've been writing about for over a year as a key driver in difficulty booking travel.

You may not be able to visit a destination when you purchase tickets. But, it might still be available when it is time to travel.

In the event of a misconnection, what about changing the rules to enter any connecting city?

What are the rules for returning to your country? (And what tests and vaccines are counted, taken how recent?)

It was a great decision to book my next Europe trip using miles for air, even though the rates were high. The trip can be cancelled completely.