Clubhouse embraces spatial audio for more lifelike conversations

Clubhouse has begun rolling out an iOS app update that allows spatial audio support. According to the company, the Android update will be available soon. This feature uses subtle spatial cues to position speakers on Clubhouse calls in three-dimensional space around you head. It makes remote listening more like being in a room with many people. This feature works best with Bluetooth headphones or wired headphones.
Clubhouse sent out a tweet allowing you to see the video and hear it for yourself.

Hear you, hear ye!

It's like surround sound but with your own headphones. It's a more human-like experience. It's also easier to identify who is talking.

This one is now available on iOS. Android will follow soon. Thanks to @juberti Clubhouse (@Clubhouse) August 29, 2021

Spatial audio is implemented in Clubhouses by assigning a position to each speaker, then evenly distributing them throughout a room. Then, it applies HRTFs (or head-related transfer functions) to make it appear like you are in the middle of a conversation. The implementation of Clubhouses does not include head tracking, like Apples. This makes audio from Netflix or Apple TV Plus seem as if it is coming from your playback device when you move your head.

Spatial audio will be a big deal in 2021, after Apple has embraced it across all of its product lines. Sony launched 3D audio on the PS5 and the Amazon Echo Studio, which also included 3D audio. Verizon is also getting in on this game.