How to Help Hurricane Ida Victims Right Now

On Sunday, Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana as a strong Category 4 storm. It drenched Louisiana with flooding rain and sustained winds of over 150 mph (241 km/h). The aftermath is next.

This storm is destroying lives, trees, homes, and businesses. Its intensity was partly due to the extreme heat of the Gulf of Mexico from climate change. All of New Orleans was darkened by the loss of power on Sunday night. This is due to nearly 1,000,000 people in Louisiana losing power. The city has no power for its pumps that were installed after Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago. The flow of the Mississippi River was reversed by Idas forces.

Although Hurricane Ida was able to regain Category 3 status at 7:59 p.m. ET, six hours after it made landfall as a Category 4, the torrential wind and heavy rains continued throughout the region.

Many of us are watching the slow-motion tragedy from afar. The key question is: How can we help? These are some good places to start and some suggestions that might be worth your consideration.

How to Find the Best Ida Relief Organizations

Scammers have the opportunity to exploit times of crisis. Be careful before you give. Guidestar and Charity Navigator provide guidance about the reputation of non-profits that accept donations for victims of Hurricane Idas. If you believe someone is trying to extort your donations, you can contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud online or by calling 1-866 720-5721.

Local Organizations Help Hurricane Ida Victims

You want to be sure that your donation is going to benefit people, not just money. Local nonprofits and other organizations are often better equipped to help people in need and can distribute resources quickly where it is most needed. These are some local organizations you might want to look into.


Imagine Water Works: Imagine Water Works is a conservation group based in New Orleans that was founded in 2012. It primarily focuses on environmental conservation. The organization is ready to assist affected communities when hurricanes hit. You can donate to Hurricane Ida here. Check out the guide to disaster preparedness.

Cajun Navy Relief: This 501(c), was established after Hurricane Katrina. It provides emergency assistance and supplies to those affected by the storm. You can donate supplies here to the Cajun Navy, volunteer here or donate funds via PayPal here.


Contact the organization if you need rescue or supplies.

Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative is focused on racial justice within the Gulf region. Another Gulf Is Possible collects funds through the non-profit ActBlue for Hurricane Ida victims. According to the group, funds collected through the ActBlue page will go directly to frontline people of color, including those from the black and brown communities, who were directly affected by Hurricane Ida. They also plan to distribute the funds directly to families that have been directly affected by the storm. Here is how to donate.


Another Gulf Is Possibles Ida page includes links to other organizations and non-profits that support historically under-served communities.

NOLA Ready: To get help on the ground, someone must be there helping. NOLA Ready, a city-run volunteer organization in New Orleans, helps people affected by disasters like Ida. Register to volunteer.


People from all over the United States, from Washington to Massachusetts, get involved when a major disaster strikes. If you are aware of an organization in your area that is preparing to help, please reach out to find out how you can get involved.

National Organizations Support Hurricane Ida Victims

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a grassroots organization that assists people affected by disasters. You can sign up to volunteer to assist with Hurricane Ida recovery efforts here.


United Way of Southwest Louisiana: United Way of Southwest Louisiana needs volunteers and donations to help people in need during disasters and other times. For more information, click here. Volunteer here or donate to United Way of South Mississippi

Americares: Americares provides assistance to those affected by all kinds of disasters. From earthquakes to pandemics to pandemics to pandemics, Americares has teamed up with MathWorks to match donations for Hurricane Ida victims to the tune of $500,000. Click here to donate.


The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies: This organization is dedicated to helping people with disabilities access the help they need during and after natural disasters. It also provides a hotline for those in this affected community. Call 1-800-626-4959 if you or someone you care about needs assistance due to Hurricane Ida. You can make donations on the website.

Red Cross: Most people are familiar with the Red Cross. ProPublica investigations reveal that the Red Cross has failed repeatedly to assist the people it is supposed to serve. This includes the documented failures in Louisiana following Superstorm Sandy 2013. If that is the organization you wish to support, you can still volunteer to help with the recovery of Mississippians through the Red Cross here or Louisiana here.


How to help pets affected by Hurricane Ida

Pets are considered family members, so anyone who wants to help them can find many organizations throughout the area and even further afield. Each shelter took in many animals before Idas arrived, including the Austin Humane Society, Houston SPCA, and Atlanta Human Society in Georgia. Operation Kindness in North Texas is a no-kill shelter that transports animals who were displaced by the storm. It has partnered up with the Jefferson County SPCA of Louisiana. They all need your help.


Update at 11:05 p.m. ET: Updated information about Red Cross reported failures in Louisiana. Information also added about the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies which provides assistance for persons with disabilities.