U.S., 97 other countries announce deal with Taliban to keep evacuating allies after Aug. 31

The United States and 97 other countries announced Sunday that they reached an agreement to continue removing Afghan allies from Afghanistan after the August 31 withdrawal deadline.
Why it matters: The joint statement stated that all parties are committed to ensuring citizens, residents, workers, Afghans, and nationals, as well as those at risk, can travel to destinations other than Afghanistan.

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The statement said that the Taliban had assured all foreign nationals, including Afghan citizens with travel authorizations from their countries, that they would be permitted to travel in safety and order to destinations of departure and travel to other countries.

"We will continue to issue travel documentation to Afghans designated as such, and we have the clear expectation and commitment of the Taliban that they may travel to our respective countries." This understanding has been confirmed by the Taliban's public statements."

Sher Mohammed Abas Stenekzai, chief negotiator of the Taliban, stated on Friday that they would not stop anyone from leaving.

Notable: Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor, stated on Face the Nation that the U.S. has "considerable influence" to "hold the Taliban accountable to its commitments."

"The Taliban have informed us that they allow safe passage. He added that we weren't going to just take their word for this."

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