Sony's revised PS5 model has a smaller, lighter heatsink

The PlayStation 5's latest revision was a lighter version. It is now obvious why it is so much easier to transport. Austin Evans, a YouTuber, has shared a teardown of the new PS5 Digital Edition. This is the model without discs. It uses a smaller heatsink, which is likely to be cheaper. This reduces the overall weight by 0.66 lbs. However, it raises the temperature by a few degrees. Not necessarily a big issue but something to consider if you upgrade your SSD or pack your system into a large media cabinet.
There are subtler modifications as well. These include a simpler stand screw and tweaked connections with the WiFi chip. However, it isn't clear how or if the wireless changes make any practical difference. These changes are also not applicable to the disc-drive version of the PS5.

The company has not yet revealed its design decisions for the new PS5. Evans suggests that the updated PS5 could be a cost-cutting measure based on lessons learned over the months. Sony now knows how cooling and other components work so it can choose to use simpler, cheaper parts.

It's a perfect timing. The timing is perfect. Although the decision won't make gamers relive their overheated Xbox 360s, it could be a positive step in Sony's long-term financial health.