Tiger Woods' backup putter from 2002 sells for $393K at auction

The popularity of golf memorabilia is on the rise, particularly anything that is related to Tiger Woods. Golden Age Golf Auctions witnessed this trend when their auction closed on Sunday and Woods' 2002 Scotty Cam backup putter sold at a record $393,000.
Scotty Cameron made backup putters for Woods to use and test. Each year, they only produced one or two backups.

Ryan Carey, coowner of Golden Age Golf Auctions said that it is believed there are only seven authentic red dot backup putters. The putter in question, a Newport II 2002 model was not used in tournament play, but Woods owned it and managed it. It is believed that it is the most expensive golf club to have ever been sold.

In September 2020, the auction house sold a 2001 Newport II for $155,000.

Woods' backup stick was not the most expensive piece of memorabilia at the auction.

Gary Player's 1974 Masters trophy sold for $523,483.20 plus the buyer's premium. This is the second-highest price paid overall for golf memorabilia, after a Horton Smith Masters Tournament green jacket that was sold for $682,000.

Warren Wood won a 1904 Olympic Games golf trophy at the auction, which was also sold by the auction house for $493777.20. This was the last year that golf was played in the Olympics, until 2016 when it was returned to the Games. Carey believes that there are six known trophies, while four of them are in museums.