US forces struck an ISIS-K terrorist vehicle ahead of a potential attack on the Kabul airport

On Sunday, US forces killed a suicide bomber connected to ISIS-K.
ISIS-K is believed to have been responsible for Thursday's terrorist attack at Kabul Airport.

At least 13 US military personnel were killed in the attack on the airport.

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Officials from the United States said that a drone strike was conducted by US military forces in Afghanistan on Sunday against a suicide bomber associated with ISIS-K. This prevented a possible attack on Kabul's airport.

"We are confident that we hit the target. The vehicle produced secondary explosions that indicated the presence of significant explosive material, according to a spokesperson for US Central Command Navy Capt. In a statement, Bill Urban stated. "We are currently assessing the possibility of civilian casualties, but we don't have any indications at this point. Urban stated that they will continue to be vigilant for any future threats.

ISIS-K is believed to have been responsible for the attack on Kabul's airport last week, which resulted in the deaths of 13 US military personnel and an estimated 169 Afghans. As the Taliban regain control of Afghanistan, the Taliban launched an attack on the US as they were trying to evacuate Americans and at-risk Afghans.

ISIS-K has been fighting the Taliban and US-led troops. This is 20 years after the first US-led forces entered Afghanistan during the "War on Terror." In a quick offensive this month, the Taliban took control of the government and overtook US-led forces.

In response to the bombing at an airport, President Joe Biden ordered a retaliatory strike on ISIS-K.

John Kirby, Department of Defense Press Secretary, said that the drone strike had killed two ISIS-K terrorists and injures a third.

Kirby did not provide any details about the identities of the terrorist group members, or their involvement in the bombings at the airport, but he stated that they "lost an organizer, and they lost facilitator." Kirby stated that no civilians were killed in the attack.

On Saturday, President Joe Biden warned that another terrorist attack on Kabul's airport was "highly likely" within the next 24-36 hour.