Sony’s new PS5 model weighs less because it has a smaller heatsink

An updated PS5 model began appearing in Australia, Japan and other parts of the US earlier in the month. It features a new stand design, a reduced weight, and mysteriously, a lower weight. Austin Evans took a video of the PS5's teardown and revealed the truth: Sony has changed its heatsink, which cools it.
Evans claims that the new heatsink is much smaller than the original and accounts for the weight loss of 300 grams (0.6 lbs). Although it is not clear why Sony changed the heatsink so soon into the PS5's lifecycle, Evans notes that his unit ran hotter due to rear exhaust temperatures of 3 to 5 degrees more. This could be due to manufacturing variance.

This heatsink is used by Sony to cool its PS5. The heatpipe has a shape that mimics a vapor chamber and an airflow that allows for the same performance as a heatpipe. The PS5's heatsink, aluminum dissipation fins, and hard copper plate take up significant space and add to its size. It is interesting to see Sony reduce this part. This could be the first sign that the company is working towards a smaller PS5 Model. The PS5 is the largest game console in modern times.

Evans concludes that the PS5 is now worse because of the heat he recorded. If this is something that we can replicate elsewhere, it could make launch PS5s more attractive. Evans says that there is no argument for this console being worse, at least in terms of thermals and cooling. I would prefer a launch PS5 for my gaming needs.

This revision comes as Sony announces it is no longer selling the $499 PS5 at a loss. It follows reports last year that suggested Sony was trying to lower the PS5's cost due to its costly cooling system. Evans only has the Digital Edition version of PS5 open to him, so we don't know if Sony has changed the cooling unit with a disk drive.