American Airlines' New York To Delhi Route

American Airlines' ultra-long haul service was announced in April. It will launch between New York City and Delhi by October.
American Airlines seems to be optimistic about this route. In June, American increased frequency to daily year-round. American has now upgraded the plane on the route, from a Boeing 777-200ER aircraft to a Boeing 777-300ER. This upgrade was at least for the first few months of service.

American Airlines New York-Delhi service

American Airlines will offer a new daily route year-round between New York (JFK), and Delhi (DEL) starting October 31, 2021. The following schedule will be used for the 7,318-mile flight:

AA292 New York-Delhi departs at 8:10PM and arrives at 7:30PM (+1 Day)

AA293 Delhi to New York, departing at 11:55PM and arriving at 6:30AM (+1 Day).

Blockage of the flight at 13hr50min eastbound, and 16hr5min Westbound. The latest equipment upgrade:

Between October 31, 2021 and March 26, 2022, the flight will be operated on a Boeing 777-399ER.

As of March 27, 2022, the flight will be operated on a Boeing 777-2ER.

It is possible that the airline has not updated their summer schedule since late March. If so, I wouldn't be surprised to see larger aircraft stay put, depending on the outcome.

American Airlines Boeing 777 Premium Economy

American Flying the 777-300ER To India: Implications

American Airlines has scheduled the Boeing 777-3300ER for the Delhi route. This is their flagship aircraft and also the only long-haul aircraft with first class. Here's a comparison of the configurations:

The 777-300ER offers 304 seats including eight first-class seats and 52 business class seats. There are also 28 premium economy seats and 216 economy seats.

The 777-200ER offers 273 seats. This includes 37 business class seats, 24 economy premium seats, and 212 economy seating.

American Airlines 777-3300ER business class

The 777-300ER has 31 additional seats. It is almost all premium seats. This includes an additional eight first class seats and 15 business class seats. There are also four premium economy seats.

It is still unclear if premium demand for Delhi is that strong with forward bookings or if American just doesn't have a better place to fly these planes. American has a lot of 777-300ERs. This is due to Hong Kong being closed and London not being recovered.

American has been flying 777300ERs between Los Angeles and Miami a lot, so the cost of flying to Delhi is probably not that high. This is especially true if there is strong cargo demand. Although I know that this is traditionally when India's seasonal demand is highest, the United States currently has a travel ban. I wonder if the airline is betting on that being lifted or being optimistic.

I don't see much availability of saver levels on this route at the moment. However, Im keeping an eye out for it as I know that it will eventually change. I do see some upgrade availability in first and business class.

American Airlines will fly first class to India

How India expansion fits into the American route network

American Airlines has added the New York to Delhi route to its strategic alliance with JetBlue in the Northeast. This alliance saw American expand into long-haul markets while JetBlue provided much of the regional feed.

American and JetBlue form a strategic alliance

American announced this new route in August, making it the fifth long-haul route from New York.

Fly from New York to Athens on a seasonal basis

A year-round New York to Rio de Janeiro flight

All year round New York to Santiago flight

All year round flight from New York to Tel Aviv

American Airlines launches new long-haul routes from New York

American Airlines India Service: A bigger picture

American will launch a flight from Seattle to Bangalore as part of its partnership agreement with Alaska Airlines. However, I would not take it as a guarantee that this flight will launch with the current schedule.

The flight will depart from New York and be the first American flight to Delhi since 2012, when the airline discontinued its Chicago-to-Delhi route.

The overall New York-India market:

Air India has flights to Mumbai and Delhi.

United has operations in Mumbai and Delhi.

In 2019, Delta launched a New York-to-Mumbai route. However, it was suspended and it is anyone's guess when it will be reinstated.

United Airlines has strong connections between Newark, India and Newark

It is quite funny that the United States claims to have the fastest growing network between the United States and India. The American network goes from zero to two routes. Although the claim seems disingenuous, I think the growth rate here is so high that it cannot even be calculated.

Bottom line

American Airlines will open a new route between New York City and Delhi thanks to JetBlue's new partnership. For the first few months, the airline will upgrade the flight to a Boeing 777-300ER.

American is adding significant long-haul service from the New York region, which is quite exciting. I am particularly excited by American's expansion into India and Israel. These are markets that the airline has never previously been present in.

Although I am not certain if the Americans strategy to rely so heavily on Alaskan and JetBlue for their international network is smart, I think we will find out in time.

What do you think of American Airlines' new route to Delhi

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