It pays to have friends in high (fashion) places--and to be the lucky beneficiary (me!) of their positions! Let's start with my bag designer friend and
Clare Vivier , who turned me on to the (above) CUTEST trench coat in history! It's by , and it's really all I need to look chic right this minute, even with just a pair of jeans and a tee (see my page for proof!). Then there are my beloveds at in Beverly Hills, who curate go-to brands like , for example, and inspire me with these super fancy-looking snakeskin jeans , leopard print pants and matching (so, so good!); along with Rebecca Taylor (this adorable floral dress --see me in it !) and Brazilian label (this ethereal print wrap dress ). Additional brands they've turned me onto recently: with its yummy and super affordable sweaters (!); , with its seriously flattering $54 wide-leg jeans (size up!) Outdoor Voices most luxurious-feeling, body-boosting . That's what friends are for, right?!