2 brothers arrested; bodies found buried in Illinois yard

LYONS (Ill.) Police found two containers in a suburban Chicago backyard on Saturday. This was just days after a man claimed that his sister and mother were buried there many years ago.
A brother and a man were also taken into custody, but no charges were brought against them while police tried to identify the remains.

It was planned to conduct autopsies. Herion described it as a "sad situation."

Officers were summoned to inspect the Lyons home, which is 12 miles (19 km) southwest of Chicago. Officers discovered the home was full of debris, feces, and had no running water. Two brothers lived there.

Herion stated that one brother revealed to him that their mother, in her 70s, died in 2015 when their sister pushed their sister down the stairs. According to the man, the sister had died from an illness in 2019.

Herion quoted a brother who said that the bodies were buried in the yard because of financial reasons. The state does not have any records of the deaths of women.

While police were working at the property on Friday, the brothers were staying in a hotel. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the brothers were seen sitting under a tree in the street during the dig and prior to their arrest.