Google reportedly offered Netflix a special discount on Play Store fees

Google has been accused in several instances of favoritism when it comes to Android app developers. According to The Verge, a new consumer lawsuit against Google claims that the company offered to reduce Netflix's Play Store revenue to ease the streaming giant's "displeasure". Tinder, Spotify, Netflix and Spotify all claimed to have tried to circumvent the Play Store billing requirement. Deals like these were intended to keep Netflix using Google’s payment platform.
In the same filing, a claim is made that Google's normal revenue share was arbitrary. Google typically requests a 30% cut of Play Store sales, but it seems to have decided that it could make ends meet with only six percent. According to the lawsuit, internal communications indicate that Google selected the 30% share because it copied Apple.

We have reached out to Google for comments. A spokeswoman for Google stated that developers are bound to the same policies "all other developers" and that efforts were made to support app developers with "enhanced investments and resources." Google stated that these initiatives are evidence of healthy competition in app stores and operating systems.

However, if the allegations are true, it would not be the case that Google would have offered Netflix a sweetheart deal that was not available to other Play Store developer. It wouldn't be the only company doing this. Apple also suggested in internal emails that it offered Netflix perks that it did not offer to other users of the App Store.

Google may not be able to continue its current practices, regardless of the outcome. Apple has recently relaxed the App Store's rules in a settlement. This allowed developers to pitch customers about alternative payment methods. Google is still prohibited by the law, as the lawyers behind the unsealed suit point out. Google is under pressure to comply with Apple's latest revelations as well as other lawsuits from Epic and state attorneys-general to make concessions in order to avoid further legal consequences.