After wobbly liftoff, Astra Space rocket fails to reach orbit once again

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Astra Space, a rocket builder, launched Saturday its first rocket since it went public. The rocket was unable to reach orbit after a wobbly liftoff.

The rocket seemed to be moving sideways at liftoff rather than straight up. CNBC was informed by an Astra spokesperson that the company will share more information about the event later in the day.

Astra's first launch attempt was halted on Friday by the rocket's engines firing briefly before shutting down.

After a short delay for fueling, Astra launched the rocket LV0006 at 3:35 p.m. EST.

This was Astra's first commercial launch. The launch was contracted by the U.S. Space Force to test a payload as part of its Space Test Program.

It measures 43 feet in height and can be fitted into the small rocket market. Astra's ultimate goal is to launch as many small rockets as possible. It aims to launch one rocket per day by 2025, and to reduce its $2.5 million price tag.

Saturday's mission was rescheduled following Astra's failure to launch on Friday. It will test a number of upgrades Astra has made to its rocket since December's last mission. The rocket was unable to reach orbit after running out of fuel during the previous mission.