Taliban say two ISIS bombing suspects captured

Two members of an Islamic State affiliate were captured by the Taliban, according to reports. They are responsible for the suicide bombing at Kabul's airport, Afghanistan on Thursday that claimed 13 lives.
Qari Muhammad Yousaf Ahmedi, a Taliban spokesperson, said that "they are under investigation". The identities and other details regarding their arrests were not made public.

This alleged capture is the latest reprisal against ISIS-K which claimed responsibility for Thursday’s bombing in Kabul. The Pentagon announced late Friday that the U.S. military had launched a strike against an "instructor" of ISIS-K terrorists in Nangahar Province (Afghanistan). Major General Hank Taylor, the deputy director for the Joint Staff For Regional Operations confirmed Saturday that the strike resulted in two ISIS targets being killed and one being wounded.


John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson, said that the deaths of ISIS members was a "good thing for Afghanistan's people and for our troops." Kirby stated that officials would not identify the terrorists killed in the strike and that the Pentagon refused to confirm whether they were involved in the suicide attack.

The suicide bombing claimed the lives of thirteen U.S. military personnel, and injured 18 others. The blast claimed the lives of approximately 170 people.

American officials pledged to retaliate immediately after the explosion, with Central Command Commander General Kenneth McKenzie declaring Thursday afternoon that the United States would "go after" the perpetrators.

Separately, President Joe Biden promised that he would hunt them down in a speech Thursday night.

Biden stated that he was outraged and heartbroken. "To all those responsible for this attack and to anyone else who would wish America harm, this is what you need to know: We won't forgive you, we will never forget you, we will hunt down you and make you pay."

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Officials from Taliban condemned the attack and said that the group was opening an inquiry "to determine the nature of the explosions and why they happened."


U.S. forces continue to evacuate Americans and others in advance of the Tuesday withdrawal deadline set by the Biden administration. According to the Pentagon, approximately 6,800 people were evacuated out of Kabul between Friday 3 AM EDT and Friday 5 PM EDT.

A spokesperson for the State Department stated that at least 5,400 Americans have been evacuated to Afghanistan since August 14th, as of Saturday. Some 350 others are trying to flee the country.

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