Microsoft might not deliver Windows 11 updates to PCs with old CPUs

Microsoft may allow you to install Windows 11 on older processors on your PC, but this doesn't guarantee that you will get the same experience on newer computers. According to Microsoft, PCs without supported CPUs may not be eligible for Windows 11 updates. They might also not receive security or driver upgrades. To keep your system safe, you may need to upgrade to more modern hardware.
We have asked the company for further information. However, it declined to comment when The Verge asked. To help businesses test the new platform, it previously stated that Windows 11 ISOs would be available for older CPUs.

This is not a surprising move. Microsoft may find itself in legal trouble if they offer updates for unsupported hardware. They might not want you to worry about your computer being bricked by a patch or making you believe that you are entitled to technical support. This allows the company to court enthusiasts, who can install ISO images instead of waiting for patches. However, it doesn't increase compatibility or cause any additional headaches.

Although you'll get a subpar version of Windows 11, it is clear that Microsoft's core message will not change. Microsoft wants you to use a recent computer running Windows 11 even if you have to wait until your finances allow for an upgrade.