Biden says a new attack at the Kabul airport is 'highly likely in the next 24-36 hours'

According to President Joe Biden, Saturday's attack on Kabul's airport was highly probable.
The Pentagon warned that threats were "still very real" Saturday.

Approximately 117,000 people including 5,400 Americans have been evacuated due to the ongoing threats.

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In a Saturday statement, President Joe Biden stated that another terrorist attack on Kabul's airport was "highly likely" within the next 24-36 hour.

Biden stated that he was made aware of threats by his commanders and directed them to "take every possible measure to prioritize force defense, and ensure that they have all authorities, resources, and plans to protect our soldiers and civilians on the ground."

He said, "The ground situation continues to be extremely hazardous and terrorist attacks on the airport remain high."

In a press conference, Pentagon officials stated that ISIS-K threats were still very real Saturday morning. They are very dynamic and we monitor them literally in real-time."

At least 169 Afghans were killed and 13 US military personnel were injured in a suicide bomb attack at the airport on Thursday. Biden pledged to respond to the attack with force and precision. On Saturday, John Kirby, Department of Defense Press Secretary, stated to reporters that two ISIS-K members had been killed and a third was injured in a drone strike.

Kirby did not provide any details about the identities of the terrorist group members, or their involvement in the bombings at the airport, but he stated that they "lost an organizer, and they lost facilitator." Kirby stated that no civilians were killed in the attack.

Kirby and Biden both stated Saturday that evacuation efforts were ongoing in the days leading to August 31 when US troops will withdraw.

Biden stated that Friday saw another 6,800 people evacuated, which included hundreds of Americans.

On Saturday morning, 117,000 civilians and staff had been evacuated. This includes 5,400 Americans. Unified Command has received 30,000 Afghan refugees from August 20th. Six flights are expected to transport 2,000 refugees to the USA.

Kirby stated that 8,000 Afghan applicants are being screened at US military bases.