A Black former McDonald's manager was denied requests to avoid shifts with a coworker who repeatedly used racist language including the N-word, according to a lawsuit

Yves Herman/Reuters
An ex-McDonald's employee of color is suing McDonald's for racial harassment.

According to the lawsuit, he was denied permission to work with an employee who used racial slurs and other demeaning words.

According to the lawsuit, his boss stated that she did not like people "outside her race."

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According to a lawsuit filed by Anthony Green against McDonald's and a franchisee, requests to skip shifts with an employee who used racial insults were denied to Anthony Green, a former McDonald's shift manager of color.

His boss told him that his hair was unprofessional on several occasions. He also claimed that she doesn't like people from other races, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that she said Green was not fired because his boss wouldn't allow him to get the "Black card".

Green began his career as a shift manager in a McDonald's in Ottawa, Kansas in January 2020, when he was 17.

According to the lawsuit, Green overheard a Caucasian employee using the N-word at work the next month. Green wrote a report about the coworker and informed his supervisor, who was the general manager at the location. According to the Kansas lawsuit, he requested that he not be scheduled with the employee in the future.

According to the lawsuit, Green was still scheduled for the same shifts as the employee.

According to the lawsuit, "Upon information and belief," McDonald's did not take any further action regarding disciplining [the worker] or warning him against engaging in further racially harassing behaviour."

According to the lawsuit, the employee "continued using racially harassing words" and "often" called Green "boy".

Green also claims that he spoke with the franchise owner of Ottawa McDonald's about the racist language used by the employee. According to the lawsuit, the franchise owner "did not take any action against the language nor did he alter shift patterns in order to ensure that Green and the employee wouldn't work together."

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According to the lawsuit, Green's supervisor "often criticized and demeaning [him] in ways which made him realize that he was being targeted or harassed due to his race."

According to the lawsuit, McDonald's did not pay Green overtime wages and staff altered Green's time card "to make him appear that he worked fewer hours."

Green stated that "this constant racial harassment made it too stressful to work at McDonald's," and he also noted that McDonald's did not do anything to stop the harassment. In a document accompanying the lawsuit, Green stated that he was forced to leave his job because he had no choice but to do so in May 2020.

Insider's request to McDonald's for comment was not immediately answered by the restaurant.

Green stated that he sought back-pay and front-pay as well as emotional distress damages, punitive damages and "any other remedy" the [Kansas Human Rights] Commission considers appropriate.

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