Pentagon Document Tells How to Answer Questions About “Extraterrestrial Technology”

This is exactly what it contains.
Talking Points

The Department of Defense (DOD), has published a list of talking points that will help government officials respond to UFO-related questions.

The briefing card, also known as a summary document, was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request to The Black Vault. This online database of classified government documents contains declassified documents. The briefing card contains messaging and talking points that will help public officials to navigate difficult questions like "Has the Department found any evidence regarding extraterrestrial tech?" and "Why can't you tell us anything about UAPs and what the [UAP Task Force] are doing?"

The entire memo is available below.

A "briefing card" was released by the Department of Defense regarding UFOs, UAPs. This document contains a list with talking points that can be used to assist government personnel in answering questions about aliens and extraterrestrial technology. This and the outstanding #FOIA work deserve credit to @blackvaultcom Tony Ho Tran (@TonyHoWasHere) August 28, 2021



Top Line Messages

In anticipation of the (frankly disappointing UFO report to Congress) that would be published the following month, the card was sent to the Office of the Secretary of Defenses public affairs. It shows that the Pentagon was at least aware of the public's interest in the report, and of the government's knowledge about UFOs in general.

The document doesn't offer much new information and is essentially the same as what we have heard in the past from the Pentagon regarding UFOs. The fact they even created the briefing cards at all is an indication of how intent they were to control the message surrounding this topic.

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