U.S. drone strike kills two high-profile ISIS members following deadly attack in Kabul

U.S. Department of Defense Press secretary John Kirby (R), and Army Major General William Taylor, Joint Staff deputy director of regional operations (L), participate in a briefing at Pentagon on August 23, 2021, Arlington, Virginia.
WASHINGTON - The Pentagon announced Saturday that two ISIS-K targets of high profile were killed by a drone strike in Afghanistan. This news comes less than two weeks after a suicide bomber set off an explosive near Kabul's airport gates, resulting in 13 American servicemen being killed.

According to the Pentagon, the strike was directed at two ISIS-K members who were believed to have been involved in plotting attacks against U.S. forces based in Kabul. According to Army Maj. Gen. William Taylor, there were no civilian casualties in the strike.

John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson, stated that the U.S. had not coordinated with the Taliban before the strike. He said that neither the Defense Department nor U.S. legislators had notified other countries in the area.

This latest information comes as Western forces finish a massive humanitarian evacuation mission that is scheduled to conclude in three days.

Kirby stated that "we are going to complete the mission by the end the month," and added "nothing changed about the timeline."

Kirby stated, "We will do it in as safe an orderly manner as possible, and that includes being allowed to evacuate right until the end."