TikTok bans searches for Milk Crate Challenge

RIP Milk Crate Challenge 2021-2021
Although the latest viral sensation, which takes great liberties with personal safety, might be found elsewhere on TikTok it won't. CNN says that searching for videos of people walking up and down milk crates stacked high will lead you to a page with nothing.

In fact, if you search for the hashtag in its simplest form on TikTok now, it will bring up a page explaining how the content that was there before was against the app's guidelines.

RIP. Credit: screenshot: tiktok

Mashable was informed by a TikTok spokesperson that "TikTok bans content that glorifies or promotes dangerous acts." They also removed videos from searches and directed them to our Community Guidelines in an effort to discourage such content. We encourage everyone to be cautious online and offline.

TikTok's decision is understandable as many people have been injured while participating in the Milk Crate Challenge. Hospitals are already struggling under the COVID-19 epidemic, so it is sensible to prevent people from causing harm to themselves. This could result in them being turned away from hospitals, or even getting TikTok in trouble.

Although you might think the challenge is safer than half of the stunts in Jackass' episodes, Jackass does have doctors on call, while Jackass stacks crates on their property.

Perhaps TikTok will get rid of the people telling viewers to ingest horse paste.