Jeff Bezos’ NASA Lawsuit Is So Huge It’s Crashing the DOJ Computer System

We tried many different methods to create files of 50 megabytes for more efficient filing. None of them worked.
Headache of Seven Gigabytes

NASA's computers continue to crash as the Blue Origins lawsuit files are too large. This causes SpaceX's Human Landing System contract to be delayed further.

According to documents obtained from Joey Roulette, the crash of Adobe software by the Department of Justice due to Blue Origins' lawsuit (which contains more than seven gigabytes of PDFs) has caused Adobe to crash. This is because Acrobat cannot combine multiple hundred files at once without crashing.

The document is not clear. We tried many different methods to create files of 50 megabytes for more efficient filing.

NASA "reluctantly accepts" to extend SpaceX's HLS contract for a week due to the 7GB+ case-related documents in the Blue Origin suit keeping DOJ's Adobe software from crashing and NASA's key staff being busy at Space Symposium this Week, which caused delays to the filing deadline. lol Joey Roulette (@joroulette) August 27, 2021



Keep your Performance in Focus

NASA's woes are further aggravated by the fact that the HLS contract was delayed for a week due to the crash. SpaceX has been denied the HLS contract because agency staff who could have resolved the issue were present at the 36th Annual Space Symposium last Wednesday.

The agency has been unable to collect, review, or process documents that were in the possession of the individuals.

NASA's original contract end date was November 1, but it was moved to November 8. It has been moved to November 8th.

Bezos Revenge

Jeff Bezos' plot to retaliate against NASA for awarding SpaceX HLS contracts back in April seems like a Bond villain's grand scheme. NASA chief Bill Nelson said that the Blue Origins lawsuit would delay further Artemis programs.



SpaceX must wait for their performance to end before they can continue operating. It's impossible to predict when this might end, as with everything NASA and DOJ.

This is just a side shot for Bezos, who probably knows that he has lost the contract to Blue Origins chief competitor. He wants to fight until the end.

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