Short seller Jim Chanos has mocked meme-stock buyers, dismissed crypto, and warned the current market boom dwarfs the dot-com bubble. Here are 14 of his best tweets.

Jim Chanos. CNBC/Getty
Jim Chanos ridicules meme-stock buyers, and warns about the asset-price boom.

Kynikos Associates boss and short seller has also questioned Tesla and Virgin Galactic about crypto.

Here are 14 of the best Tweets from Chanos.

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Jim Chanos, who has called retail investors greedy and entitled, has warned that the current market boom dwarfs dot-com bubble and raised alarms about cryptocurrencies in recent months.

Kynikos Associates boss and veteran short seller Elon Musk has also criticised the CEO of Tesla. He dismissed China's regulatory crackdowns as predictable and compared Warren Buffett’s business model with short selling.

Chanos, who rose to fame by anticipating Enron's collapse and holds short positions against Tesla Entertainment and AMC Entertainment – tweets under the handle @WallStCynic

These are 14 of Chanos’ best tweets, slightly edited for clarity.

1. "Asset prices have risen across the board in 2021 (even Bitcoin), and the S&P 500 has fallen less than 3% from its all-time high. Investors feel a sense of entitlement today. (July 20, 2020)

2. 2. In the last three months, $AMC has tripled. This is not outrage. It is greed. "The newest generation entitled retail 'investors" must win every time or they will blame and cry about 'them. (August 5, 2021).

3. "The $AMC apes are openly discussing the shorting of the Robinhood IPO in order to'stick to them. Is anyone else seeing the irony? (July 2, 2021).

4. Scientists believe that the 'Dragon Man,' a trader of YOLO options on Robinhood, has vanished. (June 26, 2021)

5. "I was there too. What is even more amazing is that today's concept and fraud-y stocks are between 5-10x market cap than they were in 2000. It's burning a lot more cash. In 1999-2000, there was no housing speculation or crypto/housing speculation. There were also no $20-30 Billion'short-squeeze’ plays back then. (July 31, 2021).

6. "If we could combine the worst elements of the 1997-99 dotcom bubble with those from the 2003-06 residential property bubble ..." "Hold on to your beer!" Commenting on companies that help people to buy houses through crowdfunding or using their parents’ investments as collateral. (June 29, 2018)

7. "The sheer number of scams in crypto is staggering." #GoldenAgeOfFraud" (May 26, 2021)

8. "God saved us from another 16-year old crypto CEO wearing a hoodie and claiming that they are changing the world." (August 12, 2021).

9. You mean to say that a communist totalitarian government can transform industries overnight by issuing an edict? It's quite interesting. $BABA $DIDI #EDU $GOTU TAL" - Commenting on the Chinese government's reining in Alibaba, Didi and other large companies. (July 23, 2021).

10. "Do you know which companies aren't rallying 27% after product testing? Trustworthy companies. $SPCE" - Commenting on Virgin Galactic stock rising after successful test flight (May 24, 2021).

11. 11. Musk and $TSLA are the only ones who can keep this fiction alive. This is why hundreds of billions of dollars in market capital depend on them. According to their own admission, their driver-assist software is still at Level 2. They still have Level 2 driver-assist software, despite the fact that everyone has driven a lot. These are facts. These are facts. (April 3, 2021).

12. All hail the infallible God on Mars. The unfavorable outcomes were due to his technically incompetent knights. In two, three or four months time, we will see more developments. $TSLA" (July 10, 2020)

13. "Lol, Toyota revealed their robot four years back. It wasn't a man wearing a leotard. Tesla was ridiculed for revealing its humanoid robot by using a man dressed as a robot. - August 20, 2021

14. "Buffett's main business is short-selling. It is the largest short-selling company. Chanos explained that shorting is borrowing money at an unknown cost. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway uses the premiums it receives from its insurance operations to invest in its claims without knowing how much it will pay. (February 5, 2021).